Therabody- Recovery Therm Cube

Therabody- Recovery Therm Cube


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Say goodbye to messy, melting ice bags and scalding heating pads. Introducing RecoveryTherm Cube — one compact, reusable device that delivers instant cold, hot and contrast therapies scientifically-proven to more effectively treat injuries, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and maximize muscle and joint recovery. Powered by our proprietary Cryothermal Technology, Cube’s easy to use preset treatments use scientifically optimal temperatures and durations for effective relief and recovery anywhere on the body. Plus, it’s wearable, portable, and convenient for relief anytime you need it.


  • Effective pain relief with precise, science-backed temperature levels: Take the guesswork out of recovery with optimal temperatures and treatment durations for more effective pain relief.
  • Instant relief at the touch of a button: RecoveryTherm Cube delivers fast, precisely-controlled cold, hot and contrast therapy to treat injuries, relieve aches and pains, reduce inflammation, and maximize recovery.
  • Treat anywhere on the body with our convenient, wearable design: Get targeted treatment where you need it most with RecoveryTherm Cube by holding it with your hand or attaching it to key areas with secure straps for on-the-go convenience.
  • Easy, effective preset treatments you can personalize for maximum relief and comfort: RecoveryTherm has 3 science-backed presets — cold, hot and contrast — each customizable for comfortable, effective treatment.