Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Ordering

Credit Card Billing
When you place your order, your card is charged for the full amount of the order. If the order needs to be cancelled for any reason, your card with be issued a refund.

3rd-Party Payments Billing
When you place your order with 3rd-party payment systems, including PayPal, they will verify your account funds during order processing.

Gift Cards

Available in a variety of pre-set amounts, gift cards are perfect for the hard-to-please. They will be emailed directly to the buyer at time of purchase. To pay with a gift card by phone, simply call us at 877-846-7589 Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm ET.


While we would love to ship these products all across the country, we are unable to do so at this time. All SUP and Kayak purchases must be picked up from one of our store locations. All locations do not stock the same items so it may take some time to get your purchase to your preferred location. Email for additional information.


Promotional Items
As a way to say thanks for ordering online, we offer promotional items from time to time. These items are only available for a limited time and cannot be returned for cash, store credit, or exchanged. If your order is returned for any reason, the promotional item that was included with the shipment must also be returned for the purchased item to be eligible for refund or store credit.

Make sure to watch for offers throughout the site. Keep coming back to Half-Moon Outfitters - you will be happy you did.

10% off Welcome Promo

We offer a 10% off coupon for first time customers who sign up for our email list. You will receive this code in an email once you have confirmed your subscription. This can be used online, but unfortunately does not apply to SALE items, SUP's, Kayaks, Yakima items, Skateboards, Rainbow Flip Flops, Garmin Watches Surfboards, Birkenstocks, all The North Face items, all Patagonia items, and all Arc'Teryx items.

Sale Items
Sale prices and items available online may differ from prices and items available in-store across our various retail locations.

For Sale Exclusion details, please email Customer Service or call 877-846-7589 Mon. - Fri. 8am-5pm ET.



Discount codes cannot be stacked. Only one discount code applies to each order.

Price Matching Policy

Find your gear for a lower price somewhere else? We’ll be happy to help you with a price match! There are a few ground rules though. The retailer you would like us to price match with must be an authorized retailer in the United States. The price match cannot exceed 30% and we cannot price match with eBay or other auction sites. The product must be in stock and identical in both stores; meaning it must be the same season, style, color and size. Unfortunately, we cannot combine price matching with any other offers and is not valid on gift cards. Finally, we limit price matching to one item per customer.

If you think you’re ready for a price match, just contact our customer service team. They can be reached at 877-846-7589 or send over an email to


Price Adjustments

Previously purchased items on sale
If your new gear goes on sale or is further marked down within 5 days of your original purchase, we will honor the price adjustment between the two and reimburse you with your original method of payment.

Manufacturer's Warranty Claims

We take the worry out of claims and exchanges, you can simply send your items back to us. Some vendors require that you handle all warranty exchanges directly through them. Please contact these vendors directly, if your item is made by them:


Troubleshooting Orders

What Is An Offline Order?
In the event that we cannot verify that the billing address, phone number, and email that you've provided match the information the bank has associated with the form of payment that you're using, your order will be sent offline. An offline order is a result of our Credit Card Security system red-flagging your order due to some sort of discrepancy.

Did I Get Charged?
A common misconception when dealing with an offline order is that the customer is being charged, but not receiving product. If for some reason you have received an email indicating that your order cannot be processed due to invalid Credit Card information, but yet your bank account is showing a charge please do not worry. There actually is no charge to your account, but rather a hold on the funds you were trying to use to purchase the product. The hold will be lifted once the validity of the Credit Card is established, or the order is cancelled.

What Do I Do Next?
If you receive an email explaining that your order has been sent offline, please do not despair. More times than not it is simply user error when entering your check-out information. You can either try to place a secondary order through our website, or you can just give us a call so we can make sure everything is being entered correctly. Please be advised that for every order that you place, there will be a hold for the price of that item put towards your account.


 What if my order shows as delivered, but I haven't received it? 

We apologize your package seems to be missing! Please check your front porch, back porch, mailbox, garage, mailroom and with neighbors or front desk staff to make sure it wasn't just hiding. If your package still hasn't turned up within two days of delivery, please reach out to us at and we'll get you all squared away!



Still have questions?

Send an email to or give us a call at 877.846.7589. Our customer service team is available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST.