Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc TPU Strap Set Grey
Stretch-Loc Straps Grey/Orange
Stretch-Loc Straps Grey/Orange
Stretch-Loc Straps Grey/Orange

Stretch-Loc Straps


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Stretch-Loc straps can secure almost any item. Whether you’re perfecting your bikepacking rig, securing SUP paddles to roof racks, or simply anticipating unforeseen backcountry incidents, Stretch-Loc straps will become an integral part of adventure preparation.

Stretch-Loc straps are made of tough, stretchy TPU with co-molded acetal buckles. Simply wrap the super tough TPU strap around whatever you’re fastening together and lock it in place with the easy-to-use buckle. Any excess strap will lie flat against the loop, conveniently out of the way.

The unique slimline Keeper Strap creates extra grip that further strengthens the hold—allowing you to lash difficult items together securely. It also provides cushioning between items prone to damage.

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