Rekindle Candle Co 4 in Candle Safety Matches White
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4 in Candle Safety Matches


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4 in. candle matches in boston round match bottle. Ideal for lighting your Rekindle candle—no matter how far down you’ve burned it!


  • Each bottle comes with aprox. 45 long safety candle matches. These matches have a long burn time allowing you to reach down into your candle and light it before the flame crawls all the way up the match. Each bottle also has a striking pad on the back of the bottle for igniting your match.
  • Burn Time: 4oz (35-45 hours), 8oz (45-55 hours), 16oz (90-110 hours; double cotton wicks60-75 hours)
  • Best Places to Use: Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or anywhere you want a clean, sharp, vibrant and sweet smell. It also pairs well with office spaces where you might want a bright, invigorating, sweet scent that isn't too overwhelming but provides a constant, refreshing smell to put a little pep in your working step.