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Salt and pepper shakers had never looked so fancy and adorable until the GSI Outdoors Lexan Salt and Pepper Shaker was created. The GSI outdoor Lexan shaker has the capacity for 2 chambers making this product efficient. They come with two compartments so you can store your essential cooking condiments separately. The salt and pepper shaker weighs only 1.1 oz. and measure (2.75 in. x 1.5 in. x 1.5 in.) making them easy to transport. The dispensing screens are easy to remove to facilitate this products use. These products are made with copolyester material for long-lasting durability. The Lexan salt and pepper shaker have waterproof screw caps that avoid the salt and pepper from getting soggy. Prepare your favorite meal on your next camping trip using the GSI Outdoors Lexan Salt and Pepper Shaker.