Latitude 64 Dynamic Discs Opto River Driver Assorted

Latitude 64 Opto River


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*Please note all discs are assorted and the photos are stock photos*

River is one of our most popular discs of the past decade, probably due to its tremendous GLIDE. The River is a fairway driver for those accuracy shots that demands good control. It is easy to throw and fits most player’s power and skill levels. With small fade and amazing glide, you can really let it fly on those big anhyzer curves.



  • Max Weight:178.5 g
  • Diameter:21.5 cm
  • Height:1.9 cm
  • Rim Depth:1.2 cm
  • Rim Thickness:1.8 cm
  • Inside Rim Diameter:17.8 cm
  • Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio:5.6%
  • Rim Configuration:30.5
  • Flexibility:9.07 kg