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10'8" Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board


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The Breeze is the newest landmark in the BOTE inflatable paddle board line. Crafted with AeroUltra Technology, we've created a great looking, extremely lightweight, inflatable paddle board. The Breeze is fun to paddle and super stable. It's the do-it-all, everyday grab-and-go SUP. Made for the first-timer, part-timer, or weekend warrior, the Breeze will make sure your next paddle is a great one. What goes up, must come down. Getting the Breeze Aero inflated and deflated is simple. First remove the folded paddle board from the travel bag, unroll, locate the inflation valve, attach the pump hose and fill ‘er up. The Breeze Aero is to be filled until the pressure reaches 10-15 PSI. When you are ready to pack it up, do everything in reverse ... Easy as 1,2,3.

    • Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board
    • Three Piece Adjustable Paddle
    • Aero Bag
    • Inflatable Center Fin
    • Hand Pump
    • Repair Kit
    • Dimensions: 10′8″ L × 33″ W × 6″ D
    • Capacity: 250 LBS
    • Avg. Weight: 20 LBS
    • Construction: Inflatable- AeroULTRA Technology
    • Optimal Inflation: 10-15 PSI
    • Bag Dimensions: 38″ L × 18″ W × 12″ D
    Store In a Cool, Dry Place:
    • Always store your Breeze Aero in a cool, dry place or a shady area out of reach of direct sunlight, to avoid bursting or fading of colors.
    Keep Out of Direct Sunlight When Not in Use:
    • The sun both weakens the material and seams and increases the pressure beyond its design limits.
    Reduce PSI When Not in Use:
    • If you must leave your Breeze Aero out of the water and in direct sunlight or choose to store it partially inflated, reduce pressure until the Breeze is compressible by hand.