Naish Jet 2000 Foil

Jet 2000 Foil


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The Jet 2000 shares many similar features to their smaller 1050 & 1250 counterparts. These larger wings feature a slightly higher aspect ratio in a delta wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver early lift and a low stall speed while maximizing turning ability. These wings are the ideal choice for larger surfers surf foiling as well as SUP, downwind, and Wing-Surf foiling. These wings are paired with the Stabilizer 450, which gives the complete setup more lift at lower speeds and is optimized for improved turning and pumping performance.

  • Jet 2000 is ideal for riders up to 250 lbs
  • Jet 2000 Front Wing
  • 75 cm Mast
  • 5 x 20 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects Wings to Fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 4 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws and 4 x M6 Tab (Connects Standard Plate to Board) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • Carry Case
  • Stabilizer 450
  • 64 cm Fuselage
  • 3 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects Mast to Fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • EVA Wing Covers
  • Naish Aluminum Masts are Available as Direct Connect as well as Deep Tuttle and Abracadabra Connection Systems
  • 100% Pre-preg 3K High Gloss Carbon Fiber Front Wing and Stabilizer
  • Stainless Steel M6 Torx T30 Hardware for all Screwed Connections
  • Lightweight, Foam Filled Aircraft Grade, Triple Stringer Extruded Aluminum Mast with Bonded and Screwed Connections
  • CNC Precision Cut Lightweight Aluminum Fuselage with Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel M6 Helicoils for the Front Wing and Stabilizer Connection
  • Size: 75 cm
  • Front Wing Design: Jet 2000
  • Aspect Ratio: 5.1
  • Wingspan: 39.4"/100 cm
  • Projected Surface Area: 310 in²/2000 cm²