Half-Moon Outfitters has been providing the Southeast with quality goods and services for adventure and travel since 1993. Half-Moon is the leading dealer of gear for kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, surfing, and travel. Specializing in goods from The North Face, Patagonia, Chaco Sandals, Mountain Hardwear and more, Half-Moon is proud to offer the best product knowledge and expertise in the Outdoor Industry.


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We would love to hear from you. Let a store manager know what you thought or leave a comment on our Facebook page. Here is a small sample of what our customers say:


 I love half Moon because you guys are original.  It's just like Savannah (even if you have multiple locations).  We are a city of character.  Your staff is extremely helpful. Everyone has very good knowledge of the products and ways to use them "in the field" I do however want to highlight one of your employees.  Tom Cook has been extraordinary.  He has become a friend of mine due to his honest opinions, non pushy sales attitude and incredible knowledge.  He has gone above and beyond for me even when he knows I am going to put off a purchase.  It's people like Tom that make me exclusively shop at Half Moon.

When I take my trip to Bolivia this spring, I will be wearing this jacket Tom helped me find.  Lucky for me it was half-off today!


I have to say, although I couldn't buy anything here because they were out of my size, the staff was super helpful in the process of trying to find the right size for me because I was changing brands and trying a completely new product.  After about 20 minutes of finally finding the right size, they didn't have the color I wanted and it would come in later in the week after I was leaving, but it was still all of the time and effort that they went to to get me properly fitted and happy that I appreciate without pushing anything on me.                                          


I was looking for a specific pair of Sorel boots this winter and had seen them at a few other online retailers rather a bit too close to the regular price (as a humble nursing student I need to watch my pennies), when I stumbled upon Half Moon Outfitters.  I'm up in Minnesota and so had never heard of them before, so I checked out their website to see what they're about (if you want an amusing read, check out the timeline).  I ordered the boots on Monday and had them by Friday, they came not only with a receipt (I've had other online retailers not send them recently), but with return labels should the boots not be perfect, return instructions, a fabulous sticker and a thank you note.  The box in which they had been sent to me was also not covered in stickers, etc. so would work very well if I needed to return them.  Having worked for a rather well known outdoor retailer I know this is not always the case with internet orders.  I was absolutely impressed with the speed with which they arrived and the foresight to include return information should they not work.  As I do not live anywhere near any of the locations (being in the great white north) I have added them to my tabs and whenever I'm looking for an outdoorsy item I make sure to check them out.

- Anonymous

You wanna go for a hike, need a robust backpack and some good shoes...that's the place you wanna go. They explain everything to you, even to me a noob on hiking. The backpack they sold me is fantastic and served me whenever I am on my way.

- Anonymous

I bought a Yakima roof system last night from your store here in Columbia. Back this morning to have Nick & John install. They are going above and beyond. Installing in pouring rain so I can use to go out of town this afternoon. That's the kind of customer service that keeps customers loyal. Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with these fellows. You already had my business but rest assured I'll be telling this story to anyone who'll listen. Calhoun.
- Calhoun

Just left the Greenville store, pumped with adrenaline. Your store rocks to start with but Joel's (the guy who helped me) passion was contagious. If I had the money I'd have bought everything I needed for a thru hike of the AT, quit my job and left today. Good thing I don't have a lot of money, huh? It's my dream to one day own a store similar to yours and I'd be dang lucky to ever find an employee like Joel. Give the boy a raise and some time off to go hiking!
- boJ

My friend and I went to your Devine street store today at around 5:00 today to purchase a pair of shoes. The young man (twenties, glasses, light brown hair) who waited on us was very polite, knowledgeable and patient, as my friend had to try on several pairs of shoes and have the laces adjusted etc. What really impressed me about this young man was when we checked out. I went to pay for the shoes and sunglasses and was told by, I assume the manager, that the computer system was down and they could not take my gift card unless I knew the exact amount on the card. A little irritated, I was trying to decide whether to pay or leave the shoes and glasses and come back later or go somewhere else. The young man asked the manager if it was ok to run the sale through your Greenville store. He did, it worked and everyone was happy. You are lucky to have an employee who is a pleasant, knowledgeable problem solver who obviously cares about your business.
- Amy D

Thank you. I am sorry that it didn't work out but I will definitely think of your company in the future as you handle matters so professionally and considerately. Sincerely,
- Paula

I think it's pretty awesome that you guys respond to people and listen to them on your Facebook group. Just another reason why I shop at Half-Moon!! And your reply was so quick…you must have facebook on your phone.
- Anonymous

We were just in your Devine Store. I wanted to let you know that the service we got  was above and beyond any other outdoor store I 've been in. Both sales people did everything they could to please us. Thank you and keep up the great work. Thank you!
- S

That is great news! I have several other Patagonia items in Fusion Sunset as it is such a fabulous color! Thank you for your follow-up as this was my first order with Half Moon Outfitters and it will certainly not be my last!
- Beverly

All the jackets and vests look great! We are all very pleased, and can't wait to wear them to lunch this afternoon. As always, we enjoy working with you! Have a great weekend!
- Katherine

Thanks for the label. The shoes are shipping out today. I really appreciate your customer service.! I will recommend your company to all my friends.
- Herman

I just want to say thank you for the excellent product and customer service I received last week. I now have the warmest, stylish, most wonderful winter coat I've ever owned, and the icing on the cake is the way I got it. My package was right on time and included a very thoughtful note from Brian Miller (I believe) simply thanking me for my order and hoping I enjoy my coat.
Well done. I can't wait to shop with you again soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Hannah

Good afternoon from Baltimore.  I received my first purchase from you last night a pair of size 11 Sanuk grifters in charcoal. I am writing this as I just got off the phone with Andy who answered at your 877.846.7589. as I just got off the phone with Andy who answered at your 877.846.7589. I am very pleased with the product I received, and with the friendly attitude that Andy had when I talked to him. All in all I have
had a great experience with your company, and plan on spreading the word about you, and doing some return business myself. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and May all of you have a merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.  Thanks for your time.
- Frank

Thank you so much for your response!  Our granddaughter called last night to say the package had arrived.  She is thrilled!  We'll remember your great customer service.
- Jane

Recently, I came to your store to shop for an upcoming weekend trip. I found a coat that I loved but was not in stock, so your employee ordered it from another store. Somehow, another customer came in before I did and purchased the coat. When I got to your store to pick up the coat that I had ordered, the mix-up was noticed. Your employees searched and could not find the coat in any other store. They also called the customer who had purchased the coat to try to retrieve it. I was very disappointed and left them my number but without much hope that I would be able to have my coat.

Your employees Janice and Sarah went above and beyond and somehow not only found the coat but had it Fed-ex'd to your store so that I was able to have it for my weekend away. I cannot tell you how nice they were and how happy I was! That is unbelievable customer service that is not common in these times. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate their great service and that I will go out of my way to be sure not only to tell others but to shop at your store as often as I can.
- Anonymous

Just wanted to tell you how good your employees are.  Ingrid and I went to your store today (they had ordered some shoes for Ingrid from another store) and a young Clemson grad named Leslie waited on us.  She was very patient and very helpful.... the shoes that Ingrid wanted really didn't fit well and Leslie tried several (several!!!!!) options... finally suggesting a men's shoe that would fit... ended up as THE ONE....
And I had to exchange a pair of sunglasses that I had bought last Sat.... they just were not right.... and I upgraded and bought a pair for twice the $'s....all is great now...  the young fella at the counter was also very helpful.....
- HM

I recently bought a Hobie Tandem Island from Halfmoon Outfitters and am writing to compliment the staff at the Greenville store.  I looked at several versions of the Hobie boats, rented a Hobie Revolution, bought a Tandem Island, and had a warranty claim (hole in ama), and each interaction with the staff was very pleasant.  I primarily worked with Joel, but also interacted with Mahalia, Ben, and several others, and everyone was very helpful and responsive to requests.  I can’t remember the last time I experienced this level of customer service and thought it worthwhile to write you so their efforts didn’t go unrecognized.  From my perspective this level of service is a competitive advantage over online retailers and will definitely draw repeat business from me.
- J

For some reason I rarely go out and just buy things on a whim, but when I was in your Savannah GA store there was no way to resist.

I walked in on a Saturday afternoon thinking about this new gym I joined and how I wanted to keep myself motivated to keep active through the winter months.
One of your associates Tom Cook greeted me and we talked about my past days of boy scout camping and how I missed just getting away.  He spent time with me picking out the perfect pair of shoes for my active lifestyle (the new Nimbus shoes from New Balance).  After a week of running around on the soccer field, in the gym and hitting the pavement with my dog by my side, I can honestly say these are some of the best shoes I have ever had.

So I wanted to thank your company, and Tom for helping me stay active and keeping on the trial.
- Anonymous

My order has arrived weeks sooner than I anticipated and the shoes are WONDERFUL!  I went into your physical store in Charleston and recieved amazing service and a woman who was also a runner, she checked on my order and was ridiculously knowledgable about the product, so much that she inspired my sister to get the vibrams as well.  Also, Lauren who shipped my order got them here quickly and with great customer service.  I am highly impressed with your company and products and will make sure to shop with you and advise my friends to do the same.
Thank you!
- Sarah

I asked for your contact information so that I could send a letter of praise for your employee, Belva, in the Virginia-Highlands store.
I live in the neighborhood and I feel it's important to support our local businesses. So, I visited the store looking for ear-warmers, ladies winter gloves, and a long down coat. Belva greeted me warmly and helped me find all the right stock. She seemed genuinely interested in helping me get great gear for a good price.
She was very knowledgeable about the products in terms of construction, performance, differentiation, and reputation. When it turned out the store didn't have my size in a particular coat, Belva jumped on the phone with Patagonia and reserved one for me in their local store. She also informed me that the same Patagonia coat could be purchased online on SALE. She then graciously put the very last size small ladies Marmot Montreaux coat on HOLD for me while I considered the Patagonia option.
The next day, I happily returned to purchase the Marmot coat at full price having decided that it fit me best and would meet all my needs. I am satisfied with my Half Moon purchases (and they performed GREAT in Boston during the most recent snow storm!). But more importantly, I was so impressed and satisfied by the level of customer attention Belva provided.
It's rare to have such a superb customer experience. Compliments to you for recruiting, training and KEEPING such fine staff under your employment. I am proud to support your store in my neighborhood.
With best regards,
- E

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your Atlanta store.

I recently started backpacking and bought everything from another retailer in Atlanta.  After going to Colorado for 45 days, I was so sorry that I had purchased from them.  I found you on the internet and decided to drive from Newnan to check out your store.  Great experience!  I met Evan and told him my story; great listener!  He then helped me with a new tent, backpack and some small miscellaneous items.  
The backpack took a lot of work in order to get it to fit my body.  I tried on numerous styles, filled with weight and after several fittings and trips to the store we settled on one that was ordered from the factory.  It came in with the wrong harness and Evan was able to get this problem corrected.
After doing all the above for me, Evan and Jason came to my home on their day off work to make sure all my equipment was correct and my backpack fit properly when weighted down.  Both these men were great to give up their free time to help me on my new adventure.
All my business will be with Evan and Jason.  Your guys gave me the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’ve had from anyone in years. You definitely have “keepers” supporting you and your business.
- Mike





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