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Tikka Headlamp

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4 LED headlamp, three lighting modes (two continuous and one strobe)

The TIKKA ² offers great versatility with its three lighting modes (maximum, economic and flashing) which are accessed by a simple electronic push-button switch. In maximum mode, the four LEDs deliver 40 lumens of light and provide enough light to see over a distance of 29 meters. The economic mode optimizes battery life and therefore provides a long burn-time of up to 120 hours. The battery compartment is now hinged for easier access along with an easier to use closure system.

* Versatile and energy efficient:

- Three lighting modes (maximum, economic and strobe mode)

- 120 h light duration at economic level

* Easy to use:

- electronic push-button switch

- battery pack is easy to open

- ADAPT system is quick to mount

- light beam can be aimed

* Four LEDs:

- 40 lumens (maximum level)

- shines up to 29 meters (maximum level)

* Reliable:

- push-button switch limits inadvertently turning on the lamp during storage

* Compatible with lithium batteries:

- lighter than alkaline batteries

- better performance at lower temperatures

* Compact, light and comfortable:

- single compartment contains LEDs and batteries

- adjustable headband