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Astral Buoyancy Co. Nova PFD

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Astral Buoyancy Co. Nova PFD

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Astral Buoyancy Co. Nova PFD

The Nova PFD from Astral Buoyancy is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. This PFD is excellent for use with today's high seat backs in recreational kayaks. Thin foam pads on the lower back and shoulders provide protection from the webbing straps but, do not interfere with any seat back. Chimney Vent is the name for one of Astral's original temperature relief concepts. These PFDs are approved to be worn with or without the use of the front zipper. Chimney Vent offers "optional" ventilation by allowing the user to keep the front panels separate, yet still secure with the use of the front buckle.


* Thin-Vent back design for use with high seat backs.

* Chimney Vent for breathability in warm weather

* Lightweight PE foam construction

* Two tall pockets


S/M: 31-37"

M/L: 38-44"

XL: 45-51"